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2021: Rooted in open source

Founded in 2021, Thea started off as an open source company, managing to get by on a few affiliates and ad programs. However, it was an instant hit. Soon, there was a rallying cry for more premium products. People wanted more. So we made Thea Pro. Thea Pro was designed carefully with precision and precise engineers.

2022: Raising 2.1 ml.

In 2022, Thea raised 2.1 million from some swell investors. In fact, it was now more valued than ACME, a well known startup at the time.

2023: Welcoming Siddharth Chaudhary to the company

Word of Thea got around to the finest in the world. Siddharth Chaudhary, a tech genius and designer joined our company as lead developer. Our revenue went up by 12% thanks to him.